Sindh Water information System

Who We Are

GIS Cell headed by Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim Memon.

GIS Cell was established as part of research and development wing to implementing modern geo-spatial techniques for performing a range of functions, including spatial data capturing, integration, centralized storage, traversing and retrieval, spatial analysis, statistical analysis and visualize datasets.

Overall Goal

Development of Sindh Water information System

Development of a MIS / GIS-based decision-support system

In-house Development of GIS web portal which provides integration based on spatial datasets of irrigation and water resources management system.

Flows & Gauges Information

Dynamic Realtime Hydrograph integration and visualizer of rivers and main canals water data from Sindh and Punjab networks.

Sindh Barrages Reserviours Comparative

Integrated Decision Support System

The web-based application will integrate spatial and non-spatial datasets for dynamic visulization and future forecast analysis of water flow information.


Latest Sindh Barrages Flows

  • All
  • Guddu Barrage
  • Sukkur Barrage
  • Kotri Barrage


# Canal Date () 1991 Accord Shortfall / Surplus Remarks
From Guddu System Balochistan Share Withdrawl from PatFeeeder
From Sukkur System Balochistan Share Withdrawl from NWCanal
Guddu Barrage
L/S Rainee 0
Ghotki Feeder
R/S Begari Sindh Feeder 11454
Desert Pat Feeder
Total Guddu Barrage
Sukkur Barrage
L/S Nara Canal
K F East
Rohri Canal 6587
K F West 6587
R/S North West Canal
Rice Canal Surplus
Dadu Canal
Total Sukkur Barrage
Kotri Barrage
L/S Akram Wah
Old Fuleli
New Fuleli Surplus
R/S Kalri Baghar Feeder
Total Kotri Barrage
Total Sindh + Baluchistan
Total Sindh

Digitized GIS datasets

Days Sindh Water Flow Dataset

Daily Gauges

SIDA FOs Information

Raw Data

Digitization of manual records

Design Statements

Command Maps

Channels Network (14 main,109 secondary & 1500 tertiary channels

Tube Wells Location

Longitudinal Sections

Index & Layout Maps

Outlet & Water courses

Water Monitoring System

Digitization is the process of converting manual information into a digital format. Records is an information that are create, receive and maintain by a department as an evidence while archive is a document that contain historical background for the organization. Nowadays, digitization is a new method for records and archives management to keep their record or document for further lifetime existence. Digitization can dramatically increase availability, creating more ways to present your records and quick access to historical datasets.

Digitization of Irrigation Records

For Sindh a paper-less system can be accomplished that can improve operating efficiency and delivery especially in a document driven decision support system (DDSS). Today, many of departments are trying to shift manual records to digital formats for providing automation, analysis and future forecasting the digitization process in both critical and essential for irrigation department in Sindh as it directly related to substantiate the clear rights of people on water.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept that allows physical objects with computational and sensory support to connect with each other and access services across the Internet. The IoT idea was introduced to connect devices through the Internet and facilitate access to information for users. The wide range of potential applications of IoT also includes water level measurement, where extensive use of IoT is expected in the future. The aim of this component is to enable IoT based devices as a basis for monitoring water level information processes.

Rainfall / precipitation, wind, humidity and atmospheric pressure all play an essential role in plant growth. Weather stations (20 Nrs) provide rich datasets that, when combined with soil sensors, give you a 360 view of your farming operation. IoT weather stations can measure the following:

Precipitation (optical and tipping bucket measurements



Air pressure

Wind speed and Wind direction

Wind direction

Water Quality Monitoring System

Water Quality Information

Unification and compilation of avaiable water quality information

Water Table Depth

compilation of avaiable ground water information

Soil Profile

Available Samples and Analysis of Soil

Electric Resistivity Information

Tree Plantation Status

Surface and ground water information


Irrigation Canal System


Water Information System Development Staff


Managing Director


Muhammad Ibrahim Memon

GIS Specialist


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